Configure Your AmeriGlide - Elite Residential Elevator

  • Job Reference
  • Hoistway Construction
  • Drive System
  • Landings
  • Cab Material and Styles
    • Standard Finishes - White Laminate and Stain Grade Wood Veneer
    • Flat Wood
    • Traditional Applied Moulding
    • Shaker Style
  • Finish Options for the Cab
    • * Finish Options for Flat Veneer and Traditional Cab Only
  • Optional Glass Wall Inserts
  • Gate Options
    • Vinyl Laminate Gate
    • Natural Hardwood Veneer
  • Gate Frame Options
  • Gate Stack
    • Looking into the elevator cab, if the panels stack to the right its a right hand
  • Lighting
  • Fixture Finish
    • Applies to COP, Hall Fixtures, and Handrail
  • Handrail
Base Price
Hoistway Construction
Drive System
Overhead Winding Drum (Standard)$0.00
2 (Standard)$0.00
Cab Material and Styles
White Laminate$0.00
Finish Options for the Cab
Leave Wood Cab Material Unfinished * (Stain Ready)$0.00
Gate Options
White Vinyl Gate (Standard)$0.00
Gate Frame Options
Anodized Clear$0.00
Gate Stack
Right Hand$0.00
2 Recessed LED Lights (Standard)$0.00
Fixture Finish
Brushed Aluminum (Standard)$0.00
Flat Polished Aluminum (Standard)$0.00
Cab Options (See Standard Cab Configuration Document)
REQUIRED - Make a Selection From Options Below$0.00
*Custom Cab* Rail Stack Location (as viewed from bottom landing)
Not a Custom Cab$0.00
*Custom Cab* Opening Selection
Not a Custom Cab$0.00
*Custom Cab* Handrail Location
Not a Custom Cab$0.00
Cab Height
6'8" (80")$0.00
Additional Mechanical Options
Integrated Car Operating Panel Telephone (Required)$0.00
Wet Stamp Drawings
No Wet Stamp Drawing Required$0.00
Delivery - Reference "Delivery Zones" Document
Factory Pickup$0.00
Configured Price

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